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Friday Candles

Friday Candles

Friday candles are an offering of support in whatever you are going through. It’s my way to let you know that someone cares, someone is thinking of you, and that you are not alone in whatever you are facing.

Each Friday, I will accept requests in the Friday Candles Facebook Group (and only in that group—for my sanity in managing this!). Anyone who could use a little extra support is welcome to add their name to the list.

You are welcome to share as much or as little as you wish about your need for support. Just a simple “add me” is sufficient, if you wish to keep the details private.

Every Friday evening, I light a candle in honor of each of the requests on the list for that week. That week’s list will then be burned in ceremony once the candle is extinguished to mark completion and to ensure confidentiality.

In order to join in, you will need to join the private Facebook group for this purpose.

Keep in mind that the real support comes in knowing that someone is thinking of you and supporting you through this service of candle lighting. While you are welcome to add the names of others to the list, this practice truly only supports YOU in your concern for and care of them. Please make sure you use the support you receive here to pass support onward in a tangible way to those you are thinking of.

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