Anglican rosary resources

Learn about Anglican rosaries, how to use them, and discover prayers suited for use with them using the resources from our website listed below.

Want to understand what an Anglican rosary is and how it differs from Roman Catholic rosaries?

Find answers at What is an Anglican rosary?

Want to learn how to use an Anglican rosary?

Find answers at How to use an Anglican rosary

Interested in a wearable Anglican rosary alternative?

Read about our Anglican rosary bangle bracelets

Looking for prayers to use with an Anglican rosary?

Find a variety of prayers to use in the Anglican rosary prayers category of the blog

Looking for books on making or using prayer beads (including Anglican rosaries)?

Find a list in Prayer bead books, including several with additional prayer options for Anglican rosaries

Want to learn how to care for your beads?

Learn more at Caring for your prayer beads

Need help in choosing between a rosary strung on wire or cord?

Find a detailed comparison of the pros and cons of each type in Comparing wire and cord rosaries