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Be Still Beads

Earthwear Collection becomes Be Still Beads

As of January 1, 2021, Earthwear Collection is now Be Still Beads. While our website and social media channels now reflect the new name, the full overhaul of the branding and content is still underway.

Why the change?

Earthwear Collection started with a focus on making earth-centered jewelry to allow people to wear things that helped them reconnect (or stay connected) with the Earth. Because I love making and using prayer beads, those gradually got added alongside the jewelry as a natural extension on the work.

Over time, however, the demand for the prayer and meditation beads I make has far outstripped the demand for jewelry. As my own love for making prayer beads and for the contemplative life in general has continued to increase, that’s become a larger and larger portion of what I do.

Since Earthwear really doesn’t fit as well when I’m no longer focused on things people would wear, it makes more sense to shift to a name that better reflects what I’m actually making.

Why Be Still Beads?

The inspiration for the name comes from Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.” In my meditation and contemplative prayer practice, I use a shortened version of this (Be still) with my breath as a reminder to not only let my body and mind become still, but also of my focus on finding the Divine in that stillness.

I often use my prayer beads as a means of counting this breath practice because there’s something about the tactile feeling of the stones in my fingers that helps keep me focused and grounded along the way.

Time and repetition means that even holding prayer beads in my hands these days brings a reminder to be still and to open to the Divine in that stillness. Thus, for me, my prayer beads truly are Be Still Beads, and that’s where the name was born.

What else is changing?

With this shift to focus more strongly on prayer and meditation beads instead of jewelry, look for an expansion of my offerings of prayer beads and the addition of more resources to support the use of them.

Most of the jewelry items currently in the shop will be discounted and eventually discarded (if they don’t sell) to provide a clearer focus.

You’ll see a similar shift on my social media channels to sharing prayers, meditation tips, and other content that supports the use of prayer and meditation beads in addition to the prayer beads themselves.

This is a big shift and will take some time to fully materialize, but it makes sense both professionally and personally to head in this direction. I hope you’ll let me know if you have any suggestions of how I can serve you better in this new focus.

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