Introducing Anglican rosary bangle bracelets

It can be comforting to have your rosary handy wherever you are to pray when the need or inclination strikes you. Being able to wear your rosary makes that easier to do.

While it’s common to wear a mala or even a Roman Catholic rosary as a necklace, that’s not really possible with Anglican rosaries since the opening in the rosary is so much smaller. I’ve been experimenting with ways to make a version of an Anglican rosary that’s easier to wear, and these bangle bracelets are my first offering of this kind.

These Anglican rosary bangle bracelets can be prayed in the same way as any Anglican rosary, except that there is only one “week” of beads that is prayed back and forth four times. (If you’re unfamiliar with praying an Anglican rosary, learn more about how Anglican rosaries work in How to use an Anglican rosary.)

Any set of Anglican prayers, including the ones found in the Anglican rosary resources here on this site work with this rosary as well.

The parts of the Anglican rosary bangle bracelet are mapped in the image below and correspond to a usual Anglican rosary.

Anglican rosary bangle bracelet | Be Still Beads

How to pray the Anglican rosary bangle bracelet

To pray the rosary on the bracelet, start at the cross end and move to the invitatory bead as you normally would.

Skip the spacer and move to the first cruciform bead and into the first week.

When you reach the second cruciform bead at the end of the first week, return in the other direction back to the first cruciform bead to pray the second week.

Week 3 will be the same as week 1, and week 4 will be like week 2, so that you move back and forth over the “week” of beads in two complete rounds.

To finish, you will move back through the invitatory bead and cross.

About the bracelet

These bangle bracelets are made with sea glass beads to keep the bracelets lightweight and to accommodate the larger hole size required to easily move along the bracelet.

The three spacers are lined with rubber so they easily slide to new positions on the bracelet but stay in place wherever they are moved to. This allows you to move them apart to create more space between the beads in case you find it easier to pray them by sliding them left to right and right to left as you pray each one.

The round ball at the end of the bracelet that forms part of the clasp can be screwed off the end of the bracelet to allow you to add other charms or beads to the cross end of the rosary, if you would find that desirable.

The entire bracelet is gold plated and 7 inches around. The metal easily stretches to facilitate putting it on and taking it off, but then automatically returns to its usual shape (even when the clasp is not hooked).

Want to try one out? View the available Anglican rosary bracelets in our shop.



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